Tuition at Toledo Ballet is based on an 18-week session and is designed to be reasonable and comparable to other dance programs. Toledo Ballet tuition is calculated by hours of instruction time. For all regular classes, there is a .75-hour minimum rate, regardless of class duration. After this minimum is met, tuition is based on total instructional hours per week.

Tuition may be paid in full or in monthly installments. No refunds or credits are provided for classes missed due to holidays, weather cancellations or absences. Failure to fulfill payment contracts will lead to penalties including late fees, exclusion from classes or performances, revocation of scholarship awards and/or financial assistance (and the possible recompense for that which was granted), or dismissal from the school.  Classes are filled on a first-paid basis. Toledo Ballet reserves the right to cancel any class during the first 3 to 6 weeks of the session if an insufficient number of students register.



A 5% discount is offered to students who register for one or more hours of classes on or before the early registration date.  Families with two or more siblings enrolled in classes will receive a 15% discount on the lesser tuition.


Auto-Pay Installment Plan

The first installment is due at registration and subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn from a designated account on or near the 15th of each month. There is no processing fee. If you elect self-pay, a $60 handling fee will be added to the first installment of tuition. The $60 handling fee does not apply to Fall tuition. Students on payment plans are expected to fulfill the terms of their payment contract even if they do not attend all of their classes.


Session Fee

In addition to tuition, a session fee of $20 is assessed per semester, per family; this session fee will be drawn at the time of registration. The session fee is assessed only for regular classes; there is no session fee applied to Preschool Dance Enrichment, Dance Camps or Intensives/ Pre Intensives.
The session fee may be waived by making a tax-deductible contribution to Toledo Ballet’s Annual Campaign at the Plié level ($75) or higher.


Guild Membership

The efforts of the Toledo Ballet Guild afford us the ability to teach, nurture and support our young dancers.  Their works are vital to the sustainability of our organization and our mission.  To continue to help our students grow and thrive, and to continue our legacy, the Guild benefits from the generous contributions of our Ballet family and community.  We encourage each family to acknowledge this auxiliary with annual gift of $10.


Late Payments

There will be a 1.5% monthly finance charge assessed to all late payments.  Returned checks are subject to a $30 NSF fee.



Tuition is non-refundable after the second week of the Semester.  Should a geographical relocation, or permanent medical condition, documented by a physician or health care provider prohibit participation, a refund may be requested.Refunds will be assessed a $15 handling fee and prorated for the number of classes attended by the student.  No refunds or credits are provided for missed dance classes due to holidays, weather cancellations or absences left unfulfilled.  There will be no exceptions made to the refund policy.



In the event of a temporary medical condition, documented by physician or health care provider, credit may be requested and applied toward tuition and fees through June 2018.  No processing fee is assessed on tuition held for credit.For students withdrawing from classes (absences do not constitute withdrawal), tuition may be credited against future registration.  The student’s family must notify the school in writing to request a credit.


Make Up Classes

Make up classes MUST be taken at the level at which the dancer is enrolled OR LOWER.  This is for the safety of the dancer and no exceptions will be made.  All make up classes must be completed before the 18-week session is over.  Make up forms are available at the front desk.  Students present a make up form to the instructor upon entry into the class.


Trial Classes

The cost of a trial class is not refundable but may be applied towards tuition.