Toledo Ballet’s Conditioning Division is designed to provide cross training for the dancer or anyone who wants to stay in shape. Toledo Ballet rotates Conditioning options; not all classes are offered every session.

Conditioning  / TRX (ages 12 & up)

Conditioning class will focus on working the muscles that are underused in dance and releasing the muscles that may be tight from overuse.  This type of training will help one to gain strength, increase flexibility, and prevent possible injuries.  Perfect for the dancer, sibling, athlete or parent alike.

Floor Barre

For dancers, non dancers and beginners: Floor Barre strengthens, elongates and works turnout using ballet exercises done primarily on the floor. Floor Barre is also is used by those who have injuries or who are recovering from injury. Because the majority of these ballet-based exercises are conducted from a position on the floor, students do not need to fight gravitational pull. For ballet dancers, a Floor Barre class will enhance and strengthen turnout and body positions, providing focus on proper alignment in ways that will help to elongate the musculature and make dramatic improvement in ballet technique. Floor Barre is highly recommended for students pursuing serious ballet training.


Pilates puts a strong focus on learning how to exercise mindfully.  After practicing Pilates, one will become more aware of proper breathing and how to engage the intrinsic muscles along the spine before moving his or her strength toward the outer limbs and larger muscle groups.  Pilates also focuses on developing one’s full range of motion within the joints to maintain or even increase one’s flexibility.

Strengthen and Stretch

Learn how to stretch in a healthy manner to gain more flexibility, while also strengthening the joints to support the increased flexibility.

Yoga (ages 10 & up)

Students will learn the fundamentals of yoga.  Class begins with a centering warm-up, followed by active fun poses that guide the students to find balance, strength and flexibility.  Each class finishes with relaxation time to help ease tension.

Corrective Exercise Studio

Corrective exercise helps to create a balance within one’s muscular system in order to improve posture, avoid injuries and increase overall physical performance.  After a postural assessment, one will learn which muscles are weak and which ones are overly tight.  Using the technique of Pilates, Active Isolated Stretching, and Muscle Release Technique™, he or she will be given a specific program which will enhance physical performance and help avoid injuries.

Corrective Exercise sessions are appropriate for parents and siblings as well as Toledo Ballet dancers.
Please click here for additional information on Toledo Ballet’s Corrective Studio.

Sessions are privates or duets and by appointment only.